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Introducing our Candidate

‘Voices for Monash’ selects Deb Leonard as independent candidate


Members of the Community Independents group, Voices for Monash, on Saturday voted in Deb Leonard as their candidate for the upcoming Federal election. The vote took place in a special members’ forum.  The result demonstrated the excellent credentials of both of the potential candidates with just four votes between them.


Deb Leonard is a small business owner and lawyer from Phillip Island, with lifelong ties to the Island community.  She is looking forward to meeting Monash residents across  the electorate, to introduce herself and listen to their issues and concerns. 


“I am honoured to be selected to represent the Electorate of Monash.” She said. “I thank everyone involved with voices for Monash for their commitment to this independent and trustworthy process. It is a very exciting concept that a community can choose a leader that they believe best represents them. I am committed to listening to the wishes of the Monash community, being accountable to the public,  and hope to bring about some real and positive changes for the electorate.  I am particularly passionate about representing the young people of Monash, who will bear the legacy of what happens in the next four years of Federal Parliament.  I would welcome hearing from any constituents that wish to discuss any election issues, and also extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in helping out on what will be a fantastic campaign team!.”


Tony Wolfe, who also stood for selection at the forum, has affirmed his commitment to the Voices for Monash team and the campaign led by Deb.  “This is a fantastic result for the residents of Monash”, he said. “The process was about listening to the community.  Residents from across Monash have signed up to be members of Voices for Monash and they have chosen the best candidate.  Deb has my full support.  It is now up to us to get on with the campaign.  Join us (voicesformonash.org), help with the campaign, and let’s win the election!”


Authorised by Deb Leonard