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Add your voice to Voices for Monash and help make politics about the people, not the parties donations filled war chests. Our political system needs to get back on track. 


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A true peoples representative

Voices for Monash is one of many Community Independents groups springing up around the country as part of a backlash against party politics and MPs whose allegiances are first and foremost to their parties, rather than their electorates. The  two-party system is failing democracy in Australia.  An informed and growing cross-bench could see more legislation being passed that is for the good of the nation and democracy, rather than party political self-interest.

Voices for Monash aims to:

  • ​Create space and opportunities to facilitate open discussion about important issues allowing  representation for residents within the Federal electorate to participate in Australian democracy

  • Support a community-nominated, independent candidate that puts the needs of the Monash residents first

  • Enable the voice of residents to identify key priorities and the platforms for the selected candidate to pursue in his or her election campaign and, once elected, in Federal Parliament

  • Conduct election campaigns in creative and innovative ways that reflect community values 

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