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We are always looking for more community-minded members to get involved, help spread the word of Voices for Monash, become engaged in doing politics differently.  

Members of Voices for Monash value:
• Respect
• Trust
• Integrity
• Courage
• Positivity
• Inclusivity

By becoming a Voices for Monash member, you agree as follows: 
• to uphold the values of Voices for Monash

  • To act with honesty and decency

• to engage in positive action
• to act in the best interests of Monash and its people
• to welcome and include everyone
• to be your best self

Membership of Voices for Monash entitles you to:

  • Participate in Voices for Monash events and promotions

  • Be nominated for the Voices for Monash Steering committee

  • Be part of the candidate selection processes

  • Nominate yourself or another for candidate selection

  • Be part of processes to inform policy priorities of candidate/representative

  • Attend briefing sessions by candidate/representative/V4M Committee

Our Mission

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