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Kitchen Table Conversations
(working within covid restrictions)

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You’re Invited!

In fact, everyone in Monash is invited to host or attend a Kitchen Table Conversation, the key element in KTC is conversation. Because of the pandemic, we may feel less comfortable inviting people into our homes, try instead well ventilated spaces such as outdoor cafes or parks. 

Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) evolved in the homes of our country cousins in the electorate of Indi, regional Victoria. A pro-active group of people were becoming frustrated, as they had issues and concerns.

They created a series of informal catch-ups in their homes, encouraging all members of the community to openly share their concerns, they could gauge what people really care about.

They then took it a step further and collated all of this first-hand information into a report, and gave it to their representatives as an easy-one-stop-shop of community concerns to respond to.

Hello, democracy in action! 

Principles of Kitchen Table Conversations or (Outdoor Chats)

  • Fostering active citizenship: An Independent candidate for Monash and closer connection between people and elected representatives.

  • We will be honest, open and transparent about everything we do.

  • We are reaching out to a very diverse range of people in locations across the federal electorate of Monash to hear and include a wide range of voices and perspectives.

We want to know:

  1. What are the most urgent issues that need to be addressed?

  2. What are your ideas/solutions about how to address these issues?

  3. Describe your ideal elected representative. 

  4. Is there anything else you would like to comment on?

If you would like to join a KTC, or host one in your home, please reach out to find out more. Feel free to go to the Face Book page.

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