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About Voices for Monash

Doing politics differently...

Voices for Monash wants us to 'do politics differently". We want to invigorate and restore trust in democracy and ensure our elected representatives represent the values and concerns of the people, rather than a political party.​


The purpose of Voices for Monash is to promote and facilitate active participation of Monash electorate voters in citizen democracy.

Voices for Monash seeks to improve community engagement and representation for the people of Monash.  We want to activate the community member’s interest in hearing about the issues, concerns and ideas that matter most to them, and support community members to raise issues with our elected representatives.


Voices for Monash aims to encourage active participation of Monash electorate voters in citizen democracy by:

  • Engaging electors in the political process and supporting electors to understand the federal political landscape and issues;

  • Hearing the diverse views of the electorate;

  • Voicing community member’s views on the key issues and priorities at the Federal level;

  • Advocating for an inclusive, open, honest and transparent political process where people treat others respectfully.


Voices for Monash is committed to:

  • Participation – encouraging a high level of community participation in V4Monash and the political process

  • Inclusion – engaging a diversity of voice

  • Integrity – openness, honesty and respect in our work together

  • Courage – empowering our community to speak about the matters that are important to them

  • Positivity – engaging in positive action and discussion


Voices for Monash is a community organisation of concerned citizens with no formal affiliation with any political party or other organisation.

Steering committee: 

Our steering committee is elected each year. The Steering Committee for 2023 is: 

Chairperson: Fiona McKenzie

Secretary: Maureen Wilson

Treasurer: Les Corson

General:  Deb Leonard, Jo MacKenzie, Phil Schlemme, Nic Francis Gilley

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