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Voices and the movement in Monash

Voices for Monash is one of a growing number of independent active citizen groups around Australia, each in their own way volunteering to invigorate and restore trust in democracy and ensure our elected representatives represent the values and concerns of the people, rather than a political party.

Our logo is the helmeted honey eater, a bird once found in the Monash electorate and now at grave risk of extinction. To us it symbolises the state of democracy, where diverse and minority interests are overlooked and unheard. Like efforts to bring the helmeted honeyeater back to Monash, we are working to bring democracy back to the Monash people.

We aim to build active community participation in politics.

We are a new group and have just achieved our goal of establishing an active 12 member committee. We are now inviting Monash voters and residents to join us to participate in identifying a candidate for the upcoming Federal election due before May 2022.

For more information about the 'Voices' movement see:

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